Team Credo

           As a member of this team, you are responsible for following the guidelines below.

Your team coaches developed and designed these guidelines to promote safety and your enjoyment of the sport and participation with the team, and to help you become successful both on and off the bike. As a member of the Redwood Mountain Bike Team, I understand and commit to the following:

  1. I will let my head coaches know ahead of time if I CAN NOT make a practice or race.

  2. I understand that the success of the team and my experience as a team member require dedication, and that I will attend AT LEAST two team practices per week by the start of the spring season (Feb 1). I will also commit to attending at least three races.

  3. I understand the importance of “team spirit” and will train in my team kit as much as possible. I understand NorCal requires I always wear my team kit for races.

  4. I will represent the team in a positive manner, both on and off the bike.

  5. I will always wear a helmet when riding a bike.

  6. I will maintain my equipment and keep it clean (including for all practices and checking and ensuring it is maintained and ready PRIOR to each race).

  7. I will attend all Monday team meetings. I will notify a Head Coach or the Director before the meeting if I cannot attend.

  8. I understand that riding unsanctioned trails is illegal. It is a violation of NorCal rules, and I will be disqualified from one or more races per the NorCal rules committee.

  9. I will always attend team practices prepared (with necessary equipment and working bicycle, including lights if team rides go beyond dusk, equipment for flat tires, weather appropriate clothing, and enough food and WATER). I understand showing up unprepared may result in being dismissed from a team ride.

  10. I understand the importance of volunteering at bike events, mentoring opportunities, participating in trail maintenance, and other team events to both our team and the mountain bike community, and when requested by the team will participate or notify the head coaches if I cannot. I will participate in at least one volunteer activity during the season.

  11. Trek, Mike’s Bikes and Acme are our bike shops. I will do my best to promote and utilize these shops.

  12. I will maintain a minimum 2.8 GPA at school. If I drop below this GPA, I understand I will not be allowed to race until I return to an acceptable performance level at school.